Central Embarcadero RFP – Seaport Village Letter of Support


Chairman Marshall Merrifield
Port of San Diego Board
3165 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92101

Re: Central Embarcadero RFP – Seaport Village

Dear Chairman Merrifield,

Thank you for your ongoing engagement with the Downtown Community Planning Council (DCPC). We appreciate the recent presentations on first the progress of the overall Port Master Plan and subsequently the Seaport San Diego Waterfront Development Proposal.

We want to express our support of the Gafcon team and excitement for the initial concepts bringing new life and activities to the Central Embarcadero / Seaport Village while retaining flexibility and presence for the existing tenants and fishing community. We may not all agree on all components in their current form, but appreciate that modifications can occur during the next stage of due diligence.

Understanding that the Port Master Plan should go to Coastal Commission next year, while the Seaport Plan is probably four years away, we understand the need to start now with the lengthy development and governmental entitlement process. Your planners explained how these processes can proceed concurrently and that approval of the Port Master Plan is expected well before completion of the Seaport Plan. We believe it is important that the Port Master Plan is complete and approved long before the Seaport plan goes to the Planning Commission.

There are a number of items about the plan that we are particularly excited about:

  • Expansion of activated park areas including downtown beaches and water activities.
  • Better interaction of the bay waterfront with boating facilities for day sailors as well as visiting yachts and the small commercial fishermen.
  • The expanded promenade facilitating and connecting the various pedestrian and cycle traffic along the entire waterfront.
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    Note that there are also a number of concerns to be considered as the projects develop:
  • Traffic congestion at the already impeded intersections around the Seaport District and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Sufficient parking / parking plan for both visitors and employees to relieve the current impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Substantial increase in scale (square footage) of the currently envisioned development.
  • Integration with public transportation.
  • Phasing / construction impediments during the 4+ year expected development period.

We look forward to ongoing engagement as this plan develops and appreciate your support of the collaborative process. Thank you again for your ongoing support of the Downtown Neighborhoods.


Pat Stark
Chair, Downtown Community Planning Council

Cindy Blair
Chair, Public Spaces Subcommittee

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