NEWS Downtown Comprehensive Parking Plan Survey

In an effort to update the Downtown Comprehensive Parking Plan, Civic San Diego and Walker Parking Consultants developed a parking survey that is available in the link below.

We are seeking input from Downtown San Diego residents and employees as the survey will provide insight as to how respondents currently get to and around Downtown, and will help shape future recommendations regarding parking, transit and other mobility options.


Downtown Comprehensive Parking Plan Survey

Downtown Comprehensive Parking Plan Survey

The Downtown Comprehensive Parking Plan (approved by the San Diego City Council in 2009) is a guiding document and implementation tool to address parking and mobility issues in downtown San Diego. Elements examined in the plan include parking supply and demand, mobility opportunities, policy requirements and management, potential infrastructure solutions, and other elements of parking. Civic San Diego is currently working with Walker Parking Consultants to develop the update to the Comprehensive Parking Plan, which will serve to achieve parking and mobility goals in the short, near and long term.


We welcome Downtown residents and employees to answer a few questions please feel free to do so, your input is much appreciated!