Social Issues Subcommittee Walking Tour – Sat, Aug 6th, 10am – 11:30am

social issues subcommittee walking tour map 160806COME & SEE TOUR- STADIUM/EAST VILLAGE SOUTH PARCEL

DCPC Social Issues Subcommittee Walking Tour – Sat, Aug 6th, 10a – 11:30a        Get a firsthand look at the proposed Stadium/East Village South Parcel, Homeless Day Centers, “Underpass Rocks”, Think Dignity Storage area, and tent encampments. UPLIFT Volunteer Tour Guides will include Residents recently placed into housing from these streets:)

  1. Start – Parking lot 13th & Imperial @10a
  2. Tour of new Father Joe’s Day Center location on Commercial with Father Joe’s Representative

    Travel east on Imperial along South edge of proposed Stadium parcel, SE corner of proposed Stadium (H)

  3. Underpass rocks 17th & 18th on Imperial @ Fwy 5
  4. Visit current Neil Good Day Center location
  5. NE corner of proposed stadium site -Travel west on K Street – north edge of proposed Stadium site
  6. NW corner of proposed Stadium site and side trip on 16th for a quick stop at Think Dignity Storage Area – continue west on K Street

    Travel south on 12th down west edge of proposed stadium site

  7. SW corner of proposed Stadium site End of Tour, No host lunch location TBD. Happy to answer questions & Hope to see you!

More info? Contact Monica Ball, DCPC Community Organization Rep, Social Issues Sub Committee Chair 619-708-3512,

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