DCPC Subcommittees 2016-17

Preliminary Design: Chair, Claudia Escala
Pat Stark, Cindy Blair, Luke Vinci, Lindsay King, Dan Wery, LC Cline, Jon Baker, JD Wessling

Budget/Finance: Chair, Pat Stark
Cindy Blair, Luke Vinci, Alex Ward, Robert Weichelt, Andrea Vinci, Kay DiFrancesca, JD Wessling

Public Spaces: Chair, Cindy Blair
Luke Vinci, Dan Wery, Robert Weichelt, Claudia Escala, Kim Brewer, Figaro Nauta, Kay DiFrnacesca, Deb Herscovitz, Michael Rosenbaum

Elections/Bylaws: Chair, Bill Orabone
James lawson, Michael Rosenbaum, Figaro Nauta, Robert Weichelt, Judy Radke, bob Link

Social Issues: Chair, Monica Ball
Judy Radke, Figaro Nauta, Ann Potter, Bill Orabone, Tom Cervello, Bob Link

Communication: Chair, Michael Rosenbaum
Monica Ball, Alex Ward, Bill Orabone, James Lawson

CUP/NUP Review: Chair, James Lawson
Luke Vinci, Cindy Blair, Judy Radke, Bob Link, Andrea Vinci, Monica Ball, Dan Wery

* No subcommittee may have more than 13 members per DCPC bylaws.  The Elections Subcommittee will have no more than 5 members.

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