Park at 14th and Island – Final Name Suggestions

aerial view 14th and ilsand

Update 10/14: Added all comments received through DCPC website.

The DCPC was asked to recommend a name for the park under construction at 14th and Island. Below is the “short list” of four names that will be presented to the DCPC.

An Ad Hoc Committee of DCPC held public meetings on Sept 13th and Oct 4th. Suggested names and comments were solicited via this website. We received over 20 suggested names and over 35 comments. If you have additional comments, please use the form at the bottom of this page. The full DCPC will consider this item on October 15th. The meeting starts at 5:15pm in the Civic San Diego office, 401 B St, Fourth Floor, Downtown San Diego. (

The Bob

As a East Village visionary building owner, developer and community collaborator, Bob Sinclair is uniquely appropriate to be recognized as the namesake of this special park site. Bob Sinclair intuitively understood the rhythm and character of East Village as he collected and repurposed properties throughout East Village and Barrio Logan, infusing them with new purpose and energy. Cafe Moto, Panniken, Wonderbread and the Broomworks and several other structures, remain to provide us the continuity and context that are now the rallying points for the understanding and resurgence of East Village and Barrio Logan.

Finally, Bob Sinclair, who passed away in 2013, taught a generation of urban San Diegans how to do business with community, culture and respect as central tenets. Bob Sinclair is uniquely qualified to be recognized with this naming opportunity in a community he championed well in advance of those of us who enjoy it today.

The obvious name for this acknowledgement would be “Sinclair Park”, a fitting name.  The humble and simple manner of Bob Sinclair however, points us to consider a similarly simple and understated name such at “The Bob”.  It is a memorable, unexpected and inclusionary name, all characteristics of Bob Sinclair himself. Thank you for your serious consideration.

Fault Line Park

This park is being built at this location because of the an active fault line contained within the site that precludes any development to be built over the fault.  The fault is the Rose Canyon Fault that runs along the coast of San Diego.

There is no other specific reason as to why this location has been selected for this park.  This is a significant factor that should be considered when naming this park.  In this name the park carries a capacity to educate and inform the public about the tectonic factors that exist in downtown.  People will forever associate this location with the factors that helps to  define our community here in downtown.

In the Downtown Community Plan, this park is referred to as “Rose Park” which refers to Rose Canyon Fault.  While the specific use of the word “Rose” refers directly to the actual fault, it is possible that many people might see the name “Rose” and assume that the park is primarily a park full of roses and completely overlook the geological significance of the site.

Shady Green

Shade and green are some of the most liked traits of downtown workers and residents. From the designs, this park has both, so let’s show it off.

If the park doesn’t live up to its designs and instead becomes an arid hangout for the destitute, “Shady Green” still works ironically.

Sinclair Green
An alternative to THE BOB. As an East Village visionary building owner, developer and community collaborator … (see above)

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Comment by JB: I wish to withdraw my entry of Tranquility after learning of the outline of place (sense of location & history of area, catchy memorable name, etc.). I now fully embrace the BOB for the park as Bob Sinclair is & was the area. As you walk around east east village you see his touch everywhere whether The Broom Works or the Mission & Rosario Hall. The metal cutout over Mission Cafe cries out Bob Sinclair & I can see those kind of metal cutouts over the two entry walkways to the park as well as some history regarding his work in east village.

Comment by ddp: i vote for THE BOB

Comment by MH: The BOB. Is an awsome tribute to my step dad! Thanks!!

Comment by GJ: I vote for it to be named “The Bob”

Comment by MLL: I fully support the name “the Bob” for all the reasons cited previously!

Comment by DS: I would like to have the park named “The Bob.”

Comment by SW: The Bob is a great name for the new park.  Bob Sinclair changed the face of East Village.

Comment by BH: Thanks for including me in support of Bob Sinclair Park.  I honor all that he has done for the feeling of San Diego in his special way. I appreciate a hard working person that cared for individuals.


Comment by GrSt: The bob.  Bob Sinclair.  It’s easy.  Huge part of the east village fabric and transformation.  He was an early adopter of the community change.

Comment by GaSi: Being Bob’s wife I am biased of course but starting with being president of the Gas Lamp Quarter way back when it was mostly dives, working on the Trolley, the adaptive reuse of so many buildings in East Village, Bob was a daily influence on the area.  He knew street people and executives, worked for the Ballpark, the Library and always had pride of ownership.  There would not be so many old  buildings to give character to downtown if it wasn’t for people like Bob. He bought where most people were afraid to go, did business in  those areas, and won orchids for his rehabs.  He was eccentric and smart but saved buildings not for financial gain but because they needed to be saved.  I like the name “The Bob” because it is catchy and I think he would be really proud to be recognized this way.  Thank you

Comment by DC: Name the East Village Park after Bob Sinclair: THE BOB

Comment by JJ: The Bob!

Comment by JMC: My first job was working at The Pannikin and with Bob Sinclair and his family.  I concur with the comments above and include my support for the naming of the area as “The Bob”.

Comment by VG: I believe the park at 14th and Island should be named….  The Bob

Comment by CL: I agree with The Bob as Bob Sinclair truly represents the pioneering, creative, visionary spirit of the East Village. As a 30 year East Village resident and homeowner who also works at San Diego City College I believe Sinclair Park or The Bob showcases the urban energy, innovation and passion that made our neighborhood what it is today. What a role model for future generations. He was a legend!

Comment by ndp: THE BOB

Comment by SH: I support “THE BOB”. Without the impact Bob Sinclair made on East Village, many of us would not have even ventured into East Village, let alone actually establish businesses here.

Comment by SK: I believe the name “THE BOB” is incredibly appropriate for this space, considering Bob Sinclair’s impact on the area. The name itself is in line with Sinclair’s tongue-in-cheek style, and his family would be grateful for that legacy living on. “THE BOB” is also fun and memorable, which is a smart choice for helping activate the space through word of mouth. “Meet me at The Bob!” PLEASE strongly consider this name.

Comment by MM: I VOTE FOR “THE BOB”!!

Comment by WGM: The Bob ……Naming it after Bob Sinclair would be perfect.

Comment by LT: I vote for THE BOB!

Comment by DS: The Bob is perfect!  Let’s recognize a guy who has done a lot with no thought of fame

Comment by GD: The Bob is a perfect name to memorialize someone who so quietly did so much!

Comment by bb: I think Bob Sinclair deserves his name on that park. I like THE BOB!!!

Comment by RT: Definitely should be named for Bob Sinclair, “The Bob”! He is greatly missed by many, and has left a lasting positive impact on the East Village. Father Joe has done wonderful things for countless under privileged, and homeless individuals, but his impact on the East Village is debatable. Also he is still alive, and has permanent presence established. It is “The Bob”

Comment by ST: Please name the park after Bob Sinclair, who added so much to the city of San Diego with his development for decades.

Comment by NP: My vote is for Bob Sinclair; Bob Sinclair Park, Sinclair Park or The Bob.

Comment PP: I vote in naming the park in honor of Bob Sinclair. I like the idea of the park being named “Sinclair Park”, but would also be agreeable to it being named “The Bob”.

Comment by LO: BOB all the way!

Comment by LM: Oh wow, I vote for THE BOB! Bob Sinclair was a real treasure to San Diego, and his positive influence was felt in many of its neighborhoods. He gave me my first job way back in 1985 and so many wonderful memories in years that followed. Thank you for taking the time to ask the community for feedback!

Comment by CKW: The Bob, Bob Sinclair, A true leader helping change East Village

Comment by DMJ: I vote for The Bob! What a great way to honor a man who did so much for progress and the creation of community in that area.

Comment by JW: Please list me as one who supports the name “THE BOB”. Bob Sinclair was a trend setter in how to communicate with the wide and various factions of inner city relationships. This would be a fitting tribute.

Comment by SD: The Bob all the way

Comment by BS: I have also suggested the park be named “Sinclair Park” to honor the memory of Bob Sinclair.  This would be a fine tribute to an early visionary in East Village.  While “The Bob” may seem catchy, it will turn into “Bob Park” (with people who did not know him asking “Bob who?” or worse.

Comment by KS: The park should have the name that goes with what the area is and was. THE BOB Park.

Comment by RQ: Got to be “The Bob”!  Sounds like it came out of the grit and history of the community as opposed to a donor or honorary tribute.  Only a block from Bob’s last hang out as well.

Comment by SS:  I vote for Sinclair Green

Comment by TF:  Sinclair Green is the best. The others don’t work.

Comment by JD:  Like Manhattan’s east village ” tompkins Square Park” ….how about “Sinclair Square Park”.

Comment by LL:  The East Village Association Marketing Outreach committee conducted a survey .  The top 3 names suggested were 1. Pinnacle Park 2. The Faultline 3. Kinetic Park There was no one clear cut choice, so the committee recommends all three. Thank you.