* No subcommittee may have more than 13 members per DCPC bylaws.  The Elections Subcommittee will have no more than 5 members.


Chair: Rand Barbano

Members: Christine Takara, Stacy Dion, Jon Baker, Jennifer Gattey, Kay DiFrancesca, Bob Link, Nancy Wilson-Ramon, Cindy Blair.

Public Spaces:

Chair: Jennifer Gattey

Members: Cindy Blair, Rand Barbano, Diana Clark, Jon Baker, Nancy Wilson-Ramon, Jennifer Hunt and Christine Takara.

Social Issues:

Chair: Monica Ball

Members: Jennifer Hunt, Bob Link, Donna Egan, James Lawson, David Priver.

Bylaws and Elections:

Chair: Christine Takara and Bill Orabone

Members: Bob Link, Diana Clark and Paul Pensabene.


Chair: David Priver

Members: Stacy Dion, Michael S. Rosenbaum, Monica Ball, Paul Pensabene, Donna Egan and David Priver.

Operations, Budget and Finance:

Chair: Bill Orabone and Michael S. Rosenbaum

Members: Kay DiFrancesca.